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Lifestyle DVD

The Lifestyle DVD series features 6 exercise titles developed to benefit those interested in maintaining and restoring health, relieving stress, mood enhancing, increasing mobility, relaxation and improving general fitness.

The range has a usual retail price of £6.99.




back with pain lifestyle DVD

Back Without Pain DVD


The exercises shown on this DVD aim to provide relief from backache; creating a muscular balance in the spinal area.


Running time approx 55 minutes.

belly dancing lifestyle dvd

Belly Dancing DVD


The benefits of belly dance are both mental and physical. Dancing provides a good cardio-vascular workout and helps increase both flexibility and strength, focusing on the torso or "core muscles", although it also builds leg strength.


Many belly dance styles emphasize muscular "isolations", teaching the ability to move various muscles or muscle groups independently, it can also build arm, shoulder, and general upper-body strength. Belly dance is suitable for all ages and body types, and can be as physical as the participant chooses.


Running time approx 55 minutes.

body forming lifestyle DVD

Body Forming


Performing rhythmic excercises using your own body weight is a great way to strenghten your body and achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

Running time approx 55 minutes.

exercises for children DVD

Exercises for Children


It is vitally important that children are taught the importance of regular exercise at an early age and the earlier they are introduced to a routine that includes regular exercise the more likely they will continue this into adulthood.


This fun fitness DVD encourages children to appreciate; rhythm, agility and flexibility which can promote a positive attitude and build confidence.

Certain exercises require the use of; a towel, a ball and a skipping rope.


Running time approx 55 minutes

fit yoga lifestyle dvd

Fit Yoga DVD


A full work out of hatha and power yoga. We are all subject to the pressure and stress of everyday life. Regular exercise with Fit Yoga will help you overcome these problems leading to inner relaxation and physical harmony.


Regulary practicing yoga stretches the ligaments and strengthens the muscles and can help regulate your breathing and exercise the heart and lungs. Also, the movement of your diaphragm stimulates the abdomen and internal organs.

Running time approx 55 minutes.

mother and child lifestyle dvd

Mother & Child DVD


The exercises on this DVD are designed for mother and child to perform together. Each exercise is divided into several phases - warming up, exercising, and final stretching.


Performing regular exercising with your child can help develop their physical coordination and enhances the natural bond between parents and children.


Running time approx 55 minutes.

pilates lifestyle dvd

Pilates DVD


The pilates method, stretches, straightens and tones up the body equally; improving your posture, flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination and breathing.

Practicing Pilates regularly helps improve your general well-being.


Running time approx 55 minutes.

tai chi lifestyle dvd

Tai Chi DVD


Originally Tai-Chi was one of the most effective martial arts developed by taoist monks. Today it is exercised mainly for the great health benefits.


Tai-Chi has five skill pillars:

1) The Single Form

2) The Two Person Exercise

(tui shou)

3) Combat Applications

– Free Fighting (san shou)

4) Exercise With Weapons –

(sword, sabre, staff)

5) Qigong – Internal Energy

(self-healing, healing, meditation and consciousness development).


This DVD shows exercises for eight movements from the Single Form.


Running time approx 55 minutes.

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