DVD Displays

Global Journey Media is a major supplier of movie and special interest DVDs into the retail market. We offer a wide variety of excellent movies with the margins required by the gift trade. Your DVDs will sell at competitive retail price points and our attractive Combi DVD displays and 12 DVD cardboard stands will enhance your store.



Combi Stand

The all new Combi DVD stand is proving to be a box-office hit. This show-stopper features a more streamlined appearance than its predecessor and despite it's compact shape it still displays 88 feature films.


The inclusion of a unique titled bottom shelf allows complete visibility of all titles and the addition of wheels enables stores to move the display easily.


single combi dvd stand

Graphics for all occasions

We also have genre-specific haders which enables retailers to focus on specific titles such as Comedy, Childrens, Nature, History & War or Christmas Films.

12 Titles Cardboard Displays

Global Journey Media now offers a large range of freestanding cardboard stands for retail. These sturdy 12 title merchandisers come with 96 DVDs (12 x 8 copies) and feature eye-catching header graphics to drive your sales.

Contact our sales team now to discuss what we can offer your business.


childrens dvd stand

Children's Movie
DVD Display

cardboard christmas dvd stand

DVD Display

cardboard history and war stand

History & War
DVD Display

ultimate entertainment stand

Ultimate Entertainment
DVD Display

summer DVDs display stand

Summer DVD Display


12 Titles Cardboard Displays - Specialist


lifestyle DVD cardboard stand

DVD Display

killer instinct cardboard dvd display

Killer Instinct
DVD Display

underwater wolrd dvd display

Underwater World
DVD Display

wildlife dvd display

DVD Display

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