wildlife dvds

Wildlife DVDs

After Five Years in the making, Wildlife Paradise is finally here! The crew faced extreme challenges while the cameras were rolling. After withstanding a hurricane, escaping a forest fire, and being lost for days in a blinding snow storm, the unique award-winning Wildlife Paradise brings you face to face with the most endearing and playful - as well as the most unexpected and deadly - creatures on Earth!

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aquatic animals wildlife dvds

Aquatic Animals DVD


Meet the world's most fascinating Aquatic Animals! The highly endangered North American Crocodile is out for blood as it brutally hunts and kills its prey. Discover the charming River Otter that seems to add a bit of 'play' to everything it does.


In the beautiful country of Myanmar, you will have a close encounter with the exotic Water Dragon, uniquely adapted to inhabit both land and water!


The elusive North American Lynx is a master of sleuth and you will see their cruel interactions as they play predator to their prey.

baby animals wildlife dvd

Baby Animals DVD


Watch this truly delightful footage of nature's gorgeous offspring! Watch the beautiful Black Bear - a normally solitary nomad, during the mating season. The majestic Polar Bear amazingly sacrifice at least seven months of eating while with their young.


The fascinating Gray Wolf is exceptional as they tend to have more of a family unit than other animals, as the father actively participates in the rearing of the young. On the contrary, the wily Red Fox mates and splits up shortly thereafter !


Join us for an intimate look at fabulous wild animals at play!

bears wildlife dvd



Ever wanted to stare face to face with the overwhelmingly and crushing Grizzly Bear! In Yellowstone Park we encounter the Grizzly Bear known to be the largest carnivore in the world. This animal is over 3 metres tall standing on it's hind legs. Follow a male and female as they hunt and forage for food.


Watch the female rise and fiercely protect her cubs. Witness also the breathtaking footage of the huge male brutally hunting and killing deer and defending it's kill from a hungry pack of Wolves.


The beautiful Black Bear of North America exhibits fascinating agile behaviour during the warmer months of the year.

biggest animals wildlife dvd

Biggest Animals


Discover the biggest animals in of Africa! In the Okovango Delta fascinating Hippos inhabit the waterways. Watch these animals as they ferociously defend their territory. In South Africa, the astonishing White Rhino is making a comeback after nearly being wiped out.


Over millions of years Africa has become the land of amazing hooved animals. Each species has developed its own mechanism for feeding, mating, rearing young and surviving.


In Southern Africa we follow the wonderful Giraffe and other uniquely evolved animals in the wild. Encounter the beautiful Zebra, and discover its expertise for escaping hungry predators.

brown bears wildlife dvd

Brown Bears DVD


The ever-fascinating Brown Bear of Alaska is the largest terrestrial carnivore! It is also the most widely distributed bear of all. You'd probably think this would be a successful species, and for thousands of years it was, But today it is extinct or seriously threatened everywhere.


Global Journey takes you on an amazing journey where you will encounter the beautiful gregarious Black Bear climbing trees and fiercely protecting it's gorgeous cubs. And of course, you will be standing face to face with the enormous Grizzly Bear!


Standing upright the Grizzly Bear is over two and a half metres tall and equipped with enormous claws - especially useful for fishing salmon.

cheetahs wildlife dvd

Cheetahs DVD


The athletic Cheetah is one of the fastest animals in the world! It's designed for speed with long legs and a streamlined body that can reach speeds up to seventy miles per hour. The Cheetah is a short distance sprinter only, so it must be an excellent stalker to get close enough to the prey for the kill. See in detail it's amazing success!


This DVD also includes a look at the most successful predator in Africa, the vicious Wild Dog. Equipped with extraordinary endurance, these animals chase Antelopes for miles, maintaining speeds of up to 35 miles per hour! When the prey is exhausted, they close in for the kill.

crocodiles wildlife dvd

Crocodiles DVD


Descend into the Everglades for a close-up look at ancient predators - Alligators and Crocodiles! You will encounter the North American Crocodile and witness how they brutally hunt and kill.


Also, see what biologists do to save these very rare reptiles. Spring is the most important season in the Rocky Mountains and within the new generation lies the future of the species. One of the best places to observe this cycle of life is in Yellowstone National Park.


Global Journey takes you there to follow animals in their daily struggle for survival!

deadly predators

Deadly Predators DVD


A face to face look in to the world of the fascinating predator. Today, we finally see nature's hunters in a different light. Most cultures viewed them as a cruel and evil vermin to be exterminated, but now we know that their role in nature goes far beyond that.


Watch how they expertly control the quantity and quality of animal populations below them in the food chain. But life at the top is by no means easy...

Throughout history the predatory killing instinct and brutality of the hunt have caused predators to be misunderstood and unjustly persecuted creatures in the animal kingdom.

elephants wildlife dvd

Elephants DVD


The ever-fascinating African elephant is the largest land animal on Earth! Standing up to eleven feet tall, weighing as much as 13,000 pounds, it's powerful enough to snap off a tree with relative ease! Watching these enormous elephants roaming in huge numbers in Botswana's Okavango Delta wll surely send some shivers down your spine!


Once the extraordinary Indian Elephant roamed Asia in huge numbers. A hundred years ago there were more than 70,000 Elephants in Thailand - today there are less than 2000 left living in the protection of national parks.

endangered animals

Endangered Animals DVD


A unique chance to encounter the most endangered species of the world. Everday nearly one hundred species disappear from the Earth forever and unless we head off the current trend, one fifth of the world's million species of plants and animals will become extinct over the next thirty years.


You will certainly be astonished on this trip in search of endangered species and what's being done to save them. On this trip you will get a close look at the wonderful Condor, the terrifying American Crocodile, the Incredible White Rhino and fascinating Weasel Family.

indian elephants wildlife dvd

Indian Elephants DVD


Join us on a captivating trip to the wildest places in the world! Only a hundred years ago there were more than 70,000 wild elephants in India. Today there are less than 2000 Indian Elephants left living in the protection of national parks. See how the last of these fascinating giants survive!


The song of the beautiful Gibbon is something you'll discover here and something you'll definitely never forget! Experience also the wonderful Macaques Monkeys of Japan, their fascinating social rituals and their fight for survival.

lions wildlife dvd

Lions DVD


The Lion is the undisputed and majestic King of all African animals and has the perfect combination of power and stealth.


This predator is armed with enough power and weaponry to kill other carnivores easily; living in prides at the top fo the food chain.


However hunting skills alone aren't enough to survive and lions depend on their pride for survival in the harsh and unforgiving African environment.

Join us on a fabulous trip to Shindi Island to meet these magnificent - yet terrifying, Big Cats!

monkeys lifestyledvd

Monkeys DVD


Experience the Monkeys of Japan - the fascinating Macaques! Witness their extraordinary social rituals and their stuggle for survival. Travel to the fantastic Borneo, the only place where Proboscis Monkeys exist.


These Monkeys are some of the most interesting members of the primate world and also some of the most unusual looking creatures on the planet.


When you hear the song of the Gibbon echoing through the forest you'll never forget it! For every species the reproductive season is the most critical. Each species has evolved unique systems for courting, nesting and raising young.

orangutans wildlife dvd

Orangutans DVD


Swing from tree to tree with the most endangered apes on the planet! Get up close and personal with these gentle giants for an inside look at their complex and absolutely fascinating behaviour. Meet the silent forest kings - the Orangutans!


See how a mother Orangutan protects her baby from the mortal dangers of the forest, and watch as a young male sets out to claim a territory.


Also Wildlife Paradise invites you on a special trip to the exotic Borneo, the only place where the charming Proboscis Monkeys can be found!

polar bears wildlife dvd

Polar Bears DVD


Explore the most majestic animal of the arctic - the beautiful Polar Bear! With weights in excess of 450 kilos, heights stretching to 3 metres standing upright, you would hardly envision them to be playful.


But prepare to be amazed! What better way to discover the remarkable Coyote than to follow a pack within the Rocky Mountains? From warm summers to ice cold winters, they meet in an attempt to successfully survive the unpredictable and deadly challenges of nature. We also take you on a trip to Canada and the United States to give you a breathtaking history behind the elusive and mysterious American Lynx.


predators of the sky wildlife dvd

Predators of the sky DVD


Predatory Birds possess a fascinating coordination to fly and then dive on to their quarry - even when moving! Aerodynamic design and a lethal arsenal of weapons are characteristics to these birds of prey.


These airborne killers play an important part in the ecosystem and as scavengers they maintain a healthy habitat for survival.


Global Journey brings the fascinating world of Eagles in to your living room. We explore the Stellars Sea Eagle - the third largest in the world with a wing span that can exceed two and a half metres.

silent predators wildlife dvd

Silent Predators DVD


Encounter nature's most dreaded creatures - the spectacular silent predators!


Witness amonst several other fascinating animals how the Red Tailed Racer of South East Asia relies on stealth and concealment to hunt and ambush it's prey.


Global Journey also presents the legendary Asian Tiger and the deadly Giant Python. You will also get a close look at hundreds of lesser known species that prey upon others; and pound for pound, none are more ferocious or efficient hunters than the predatory Invertebrates!

snakes wildlife dvd

Snakes DVD


Get half a dozen species of the fascinating and lethal rattlesnake right into your living room! We encounter the aggressive Western Diamondback and the hair-raising Sidewinder on our trip accross North America.


Witness the fascinating lifestyle of the lethal Pit Vipers. Ever wanted to get close to a Cobra? Now you have the chance! The Cobra is one of the deadliest snakes in the world and in Thailand it's also one of the most common reptiles. The snake is more than just a threat, as it performs an important service in the ecosystem.


Global Journey gives you the world's most fascinating snakes and shows how each each has uniquely evolved to efficiently hunt and kill for survival!

spiders wildlife dvd

Spiders DVD


Wildlife Paradise travels the globe to bring fascinating arachnids and ravenous reptiles to your screen! Witness how each species of arachnid has evolved unique systems for courting, nesting, and raising young.


See how the amazing Asian forest scorpion travels with her large brood clinging to her back protecting them from predators. The Tarantula and Centepide are species that prey upon others and pound for pound none are more ferocious or efficient hunters than the predatory invertebrates.

tigers wildlife dvd

Tigers DVD


The Sumatran Tiger is surely one of nature's most tremendous creatures! Discover these extraordinary unique and large predators that hover on the brink of extinction. The average male measures ten feet and is powerful enough easily to bring down prey twice its size.


Global Journey brings you rare footage of the very last remaining Tigers in Indonesia and hunts with the only Lions in all of Asia. The Tigers of India are roaming the forests and you will see why these magnificent cats have provided inspiration for poets and storytellers throughout the ages. Come to Ranthambore National Park and experience how these sublime cats interact with their competitor, the enigmatic Leopard!

cheetahs wildlife dvd

Wild Cats DVD


Ever wondered what it is like to stare face to face with a Leopard or Bobcat? In the African night the Leopard is secretive and illusive as the master of stealth, stalking within five yards of its prey before making the kill.


Pound for pound it is probably the strongest cat, able to kill a Coodoo three times its size.


Nature has equipped the Bobcat to be an expert hunter. The fascinating Bobcat stalks silently or waits hours without moving until prey comes along, and then strikes with absolute precision. Even though it's the most common wild cat in North America, few people ever see the elusive Bobcat; Global Journey gives you this exclusive opportunity.

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