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With so many retailers and suppliers of DVDs succumbing to this current recession we aim to take this opportunity to fill the void in the market. We are relevant newcomers to the market but have increased our market share rapidly over the last 18 months and our prioritising of quality-of-title coupled with our competitive pricing has proved popular with retailers and consumers alike.




lifestyle belly dancing dvd

Lifestyle DVD

The Lifestyle DVD series features 6 exercise titles developed to benefit those interested in maintaining and restoring health, relieving stress, mood enhancing, increasing mobility, relaxation and improving general fitness.


The Complete Range

Back Without Pain
Belly Dancing
Body Forming
Exercises for Children
Fit Yoga
Mother & Child
Tai Chi


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killer instinct sharks DVD

Killer Instinct DVD

Killer Instinct includes 12 titles featuring the Discovery Channel's Rob Bredl and offers viewers a close-up look at the world's deadliest predators.


The Killer Instinct range has won many awards including three Telly awards and two Arrora awards.


The Complete Range

Aggressive Predators
Australian Pythons
Big Cats
Ocean Venom
Saltwater Crocodiles
Survival of the Fittest


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underwater world dvd

Underwater world DVD

The Underwater World Series features 6 DVD titles that will take you on a deep-sea dive to discover the myriad creatures and colourful forms that exists in our beautiful oceans from the comfort of your own living room.


The Complete Range

Coral Cascade
Magical Waves
Ocean Dreams
Sea of Serenity
Soul Waves
The Blue Depth


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tigers wildlife DVD

Wildlife DVD

After Five Years in the making, Wildlife Paradise is finally here!

After withstanding a hurricane, escaping a forest fire, and being lost for days in a blinding snow storm, the unique award-winning Wildlife Paradise brings you face to face with the most endearing and playful - as well as the most unexpected and deadly - creatures on Earth!


The Complete Range

Aquatic Animals
Baby Animals
Biggest Animals
Brown Bears
Deadly Predators
Endangered Animals
Indian Elephants
Polar Bears
Predators of the Sky
Silent Predators
Wild Cats


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Hollywood Movies DVDs


Our selection of movies and special interest DVDs range from single DVDs to Multi-packs. With retail prices ranging from as little as £5.00 for 3 DVD Box Set blockbuster movies* you will be offering your customers an exceptional deal and improve your sales.

Our range of movies changes regularly so please check availability before ordering. We continually update our selection to offer you new titles.


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dvd stands

DVD Display Stands

Global Journey Media is a major supplier of movie and special interest DVDs into the retail market. We offer a wide variety of excellent movies with the margins required by the gift trade. Your DVDs will sell at competitive retail price points and our attractive Combi DVD displays and 12 DVD cardboard stands will enhance your store.


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